Meet new people whenever you want.

Make 100% anonymous calls, add friends and have fun.

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BLINDID is a unique social network platform which allows you to make random calls for a limited time.


There is no need for any information like user name, phone number, profile picture or gender. You just need to be creative and have good communication skills to enjoy using BlindID.

Random match

You can match with a random user each time. Guess who is next?

Limited time

You have limited time for each call, use your time wisely!

Friend Call

If you enjoy your conversation, tap on the like button. By that way, you can always call your new friend.


Key Features Of our App

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Choose one of the topics

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Tap on the call button to connect someone

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Like or dislike after the call

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Call your new friends whenever you want

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Make longer calls and have more friends with higher levels

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